Why Invest in Opportunity Zones with OpZoRe?

Support Developing Communities

Put your money in a place that allows emerging neighborhoods and businesses to flourish.

Capital Gains Tax Deferral, Reduction, and Elimination

A tax-efficient investing strategy providing greater returns, reduced risk, flexibility, and tax savings.

Control Over Your Capital and Investments

See the direct results of your investments and exercise more control over how your funds are utilized.

Financial and Operational Transparency

Expert fund management, reporting, and due diligence to ensure compliance and profitability.


Three Unrivaled Federal Tax Cut Benefits for Accredited Investors


Defer – Capital gain taxes can be deferred until the earlier of your investment exit or December 31, 2026, by investing in a Qualified Opportunity Fund (“QOF”). Let your money work for you instead of the government.


Reduce – Your basis is increased by 10% if the investment in the QOF is held for at least 5 years, and an additional 5%, or total of 15%, if held for at least 7 years. The result is reduced capital gain subject to taxation.


Eliminate – After holding for 10 years, upon sale of the asset, post-investment appreciation is tax-free. If sold earlier, it can be rolled into another QOF and remain tax-free.

Introduction to Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone investing is for investors facing capital gains tax liability. An Opportunity Zone or ‘O-Zone’ is an economically-distressed community where new investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for preferential tax treatment.

Why Are Accredited Investors Calling it the ‘Ultimate Tax Break'?

As you may be aware, Congress enacted the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” in December of 2017.
An essential provision of the Act is Opportunity Zone Investing. It is designed to encourage long-term investment in low-income communities across the country by providing triple tax-incentives:

Tax Deferral, Reduction, and Elimination

It is a very generous tax break for those willing to invest in these struggling communities. There is $6 trillion opportunity in Opportunity Zones distributed across 8,700 designated communities nationwide–including the entire island of Puerto Rico.
It is a more flexible and beneficial alternative to 1031 exchanges and is a tax-efficient long-term investment strategy. Additionally, you have exceptional freedom to pick your investment – from business, to stocks, to the most profitable choice: Real estate.

Active Real Estate Investment and Development


The team behind Opportunity Zone Real Estate – led by Rakesh Bhargava of MangoTree Real Estate Holdings – and its loyal partners have bought and sold hundreds of 1-4 family homes many in low-income communities and several in now designated Opportunity Zones. For the last ten years, we have made investments that these opportunity zones are designed to encourage.

Within the first quarter of inception of our QOF, we’ve raised $2.9 million and started buying vacant undeveloped lots in an opportunity zone in Nashville, TN.

As of August 31st, 2019, we have purchased 9 lots and plan to construct 13 2,000 sq. ft. homes that will be rented to students as co-living space. Additionally, we have access to 80 additional lots and have plans to buy and build a total of 125 homes.

A unique feature of our Opportunity Zone Real Estate is that if you decide to invest, you have a choice of either buying a single house or diversifying your investment in several properties.

We provide flexibility, stable returns, tax deferral, and elimination or reduction of capital gains tax liability

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Projects and Proof – OpZoRe & MangoTree

OpZoRe is the passion project of Rakesh Bhargava, founder and lead executive of MangoTree Real Estate Holdings.
Over the past 8 years, MangoTree has built a stable portfolio of more than 80 cash-flowing properties, as well as generating excellent margins on residential rehab projects.

Performance of Mango Tree as of December 31st, 2018:

  • Average annual net return of 12.12% during the preceding 8 years (unleveraged and only on sold properties).
  • Assets under management over $21M.
  • 57 out of 91 partners opted to reinvest their profit in the fund.
  • Made seventeenth consecutive semi-annual profit-sharing distribution.

Direct from the Managing Partner

Watch the video featuring Rakesh Bhargava, Managing General Partner of MangoTree Real Estate Holdings, LP, as he outlines the Triple Tax Benefits for qualified investors:

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Community Impact

Opportunity Zone Investing helps impoverished communities flourish and rebuild
Through our real estate and investment activities in opportunity zones, we’re able to assist people of all ages and backgrounds in finding safe, affordable, and efficient housing.
The work we do creates jobs in local communities and supports local industry and manufacturers, fostering momentum in the local economy and helping small businesses prosper.

Seasoned Management

About Rakesh is a serial entrepreneur that’s funded or founded nine different businesses, with his last two ventures in residential real estate. He has a graduate education in business and finance, and diverse experience as the founder of numerous successful companies across industries.
He founded MangoTree 9 years ago to buy distressed homes in the New York-New Jersey Tri-State area using a proprietary technology system to filter thousands of homes under foreclosure to select those that delivered better than average return.
For partners that joined in 2010, the average annual net return is 12.12%. He grew MangoTree RE Holdings by 3170% during the last 9 years, reaching more than 90 limited partners as of August 2019.
Rakesh founded Opportunity Zone RE, LLC, in May of 2019, to help his partners take advantage of one of the best capital gains triple tax cuts ever offered for investing in Opportunity Zones.
He has a long history of involvement in socially-conscious projects and sees OpZoRe as an extension of his commitment to improving communities through responsible real estate development.
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